Other Boston Celtics Statistics
17 Championships  - A summary of all 17 championships, more than any other NBA team
48 Hall of Famers  - 31 of the 48 won at least 1 championship while with Boston, most won multiple titles
24 Retired Numbers  - Boston has retired more numbers than any other professional sports team!
146 All-Star Game Selections  - 8 times a Celtic has been named the game's MVP
81 All-NBA Team Selections  - 4 Celtics have been named 10 or more times
36 Major Award Winners  - Celtics have combined to win 8 different major awards
21 All-Rookie Team Selections  - 3 Celtics rookies have won the Rookie of the Year Award
44 All-Defensive Team Selections  - This team was first named in Bill Russell's last year, otherwise he would've been a yearly recipient
First Round Draft Picks  - A listing of all of the 1st round picks made by Boston, even if they never suited up for the Celtics
Attendance  - Boston Celtics Attendance by Season
Home/Away Records  - Home, Away and Neutral court records broken down by season
Triple Doubles  - Larry Bird leads the way for Boston with 69 triple doubles
Boston Celtics all-time records versus all franchises  - Check out the game scores by team as well
Boston Celtics Game Scores by Season  - Check out the game scores for any season