Bill Mokray
College:  University of Rhode Island
Born:  6/6/1907
Died:  3/21/1974
Hall of Fame Inductee
Bill Mokray was considered one of the top basketball statisticians and historians. He was the founder and editor of The Official NBA Guide. Mokray started working with the Celtics in 1946 as their public relations director. In 1965, Mokray was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Biography (from
Weak eyesight stopped Bill Mokray from playing basketball, but luckily his love of the game led him to become one of basketballs leading promoters, historians and authors. Mokray's romance started while a student at Passaic High School during the era of the "Passaic High School Wonder Teams." After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, he became public relations director at Rhode Island State College and joined the Boston Celtics in the same capacity in 1946. Mokray gathered statistics and wrote articles for Converse's Basketball Yearbook, founded and was editor of The Official NBA Guide and authored the history of basketball for the Encyclopedia Britannica. He also wrote the 900-page Ronald Basketball Encyclopedia. Much of his extensive personal sports library was donated to the Hall of Fame.

Career Highlights (from
  • Started concept of college basketball doubleheaders at the Boston Garden, 1944-45
  • First Chairman of the Hall of Fame Honors Committee, 1959-64
  • Owned what was considered to be the world's largest basketball library
  • Considered the number one authority on the game's history