Steven Davis
College:  Lyndon State College, 2006
High School:  North Country Union High School, 2001
Height: 6'11"
Born: 3/28/1983
Steven Davis serves as an unofficial consultant for He provides occasional advise and feedback about the site's organization and content. He allowed the creator of the site to borrow his Celtics Encyclopedia book. He borrowed the book for over 8 years before finally returning it.

Steven has a mad basketball game. He plays like a lot of the other big men in the game today. He can shoot the 3 or take it to the hoop and slam it in your face. In the spring of 2005 he decided to return for his senior year at Lyndon State College, rather than declaring early for the NBA draft. If the NBA doesn't work out for him he'll have a Political Science degree to fall back on. He graduated in the spring of 2006 with honors.

Steven currently works part time in the fast food industry. At his job he is known as the GRILL GOD!! He also works occasionally as a substitute teacher. Steven is a lifelong resident of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Steven's favorite sports teams include the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco 49ers and Boston Bruins.
Feel free to email Steven at steven[at]celticstats[dot]com. He doesn't check this email or even know that it exists, but if its good the site's webmaster will forward the message to him.