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What is CelticStats.com?
CelticStats.com is the most comprehensive online source for all Boston Celtics statistics. The stats for every player who ever played for the Celtics are included. The stats for every coach and season are included. Team leaders are shown for all stats categories. Game scores and all-time records versus opponents are included. This and much more info can be found here. Only the stats that a player or coach accumulated while with the Celtics are shown. Stats are updated following every game. Stats are accurate and have been cross-checked against numerous sources. If you find an error or have any comments or suggestions please send them to the email addresses that are below.

Sources of information include:
"Boston Celtics Encyclopedia" by Peter C. Bjarkman
"Sporting News 2001-2002 Official NBA Guide": Edited by Craig Carter and John Hareas

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David Colburn: Site creator/webmaster - webmaster[at]celticstats[dot]com
Steven Davis: Boston Celtics guru - steven[at]celticstats[dot]com
Alma Colburn: AKA Mrs CelticStats.com, site design/layout - alma[at]celticstats[dot]com

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